4 days in london

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  • my sister being so so happy and radiant, andrew being such a sweetheart
  • catherine’s sweet friends
  • andrew’s sweet family and friends
  • hearing about andrew’s playlist for catherine (“i’m ittner you” maybe? some kind of pun on “into” and “ittner”)
  • rain!!!! heaven sent!
  • going to a futbol game with braxton, dad, ross, and christopher
  • a luxurious blow-dry 💆🏻‍♀️
  • cappuccinos on the regular
  • ross being such a champion
  • being in a city
  • exclusively taking ~very hot~ baths
  • eating sri lankan food! eating italian food!
  • everyone being so thoughtful about me being a vegetarian [prayer hands]
  • white wine on the regular
  • my sister getting me all those pastries for my flight home
  • frozen yogurt and loaded fries at the airport with caroline, sarah, and ross
  • my red prairie nightgown dress that i wore for the wedding — it wasn’t flattering and was too big BUT it had a LOT of ruffles and the color was poppin, and i had not agonized over it, so –> perfect
  • sitting next to those two nice british chaps on the plane, who asked if i got black tea because of my stay in england lol
  • missing my train back to marfa, a gift and a blessing
  • my sunshiney uber driver in austin who said, “everyone is trying their best,” a great reminder at a low moment

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