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guys i had so much to say but now that i’m finally in front of my computer i’m like this: :| but basically i finished school on may 4th FOREVER (made a B, my only grad school B, which really chuffs, because the class was NOT GREAT, though, in fairness, i got a B because i didn’t turn in an assignment, ha, though actually later turned it in, at my professor’s urging, and then she didn’t grade it?) (classic teacher bait and switch), then i went to austin and houston to celebrate (and go to five doctors), but my pals got covid, and then when i got back to marfa, i was plunged immediately into exxxtreme grueling chaos, and so ANYWAY, graduating felt like going out with a whimper instead of a bang and now i’m just like, ok i’m done? [said by a tiny meek mouse]

grad school was a terrible slog that literally took away 2500 years of my life and sapped me of my ~ebullient spirit~, but still, it was worth it because — i’m a librarian !!!!!!!!

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