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it’s january 4, i’m in bed, sick with some unknown malady (has morphed from cold into flu-like into jet lag?), watching the house voting for its speaker, which is my perfect kind of behind-the-scenes governmental drama. i’ve been sick for almost a week, missed basically all the holiday and new year’s celebrations, so it’s like it’s still 2022. my only resolution for this new year is more joy, because i seem to somehow persist on focusing on the stress rather than savoring all the delights. i mean, it’s confusing, because i do so enjoy the little things, but sometimes i just can’t enjoy myself all the way? it’s like i can’t unclench or something. so. that’s it this year: enjoy it all, if i can.

also when getting gatorade at dollar general, saw this INSANE display for ~fig apple~ red bull??? THE WINTER COLLECTION

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