following up on that new year’s resolution

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so far haven’t been all that good on my new year’s resolution (ughhhh) (like…this week after going to dallas and austin, when i got all wound up by work and couldn’t relax and enjoy jd’s going away party), BUT BUT BUT — i do need to tip a hat to two incredible things that i did in austin.

a long time ago i mentioned to john that i’d never seen amadeus, and he said he’d watch it with me anytime. then we joked about making it like an alamo screening with mozart wigs and viennese food and candles and etc. so i mailed him four amadeus wigs as a gag and just bookmarked the idea for some nebulous future.

but when i last minute decided to go to austin after yvonne’s funeral, we decided to watch amadeus and WE ACTUALLY DID THE WHOLE SHEBANG (subbing in ramen for viennese food) (good sub) (VEGAN RAMEN!) (cities are amazing).

and then the next morning i got to see chad and julie and their amazing kids and eat pancakes and drink coffee and be with them.

so maybe i am doing ok on the resolution front? though — my underlying goal was to unclench during stressful times…so — a mixed bag. but take a look at these wigs! i mean!

levi in his mozart wig
❤️ x a zillion

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