gratitude + tiny embedded nyc 2015 recap

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best halloween costume

thankful for:

  • this picture, courtesy of greg
  • pasta, specifically, those pasta sheets at via carota, oh my god
  • our pretty faux amish waitress at via carota
  • clyde, jacob, teddy, all pets everywhere
  • meeting greg on the last car of the bergen stop of the F train and almost blowing it by getting on without understanding that i wasn’t supposed to get on without seeing him first, BUT it all worked out, namasté
  • friends who put double extra blankets on beds in preparation for a friend sleeping
  • dan making delicious coffee every day
  • listening to classical music LPs at dan’s
  • bagel parties at eric’s
  • eating pie for breakfast
  • plays, yes i said it, PLAYS!
  • wine slamming in faux irish pubs before plays
  • becky and julie and dan willing to eat at a once-great, now-brassy restaurant that played red hot chili peppers loudly throughout dinner, just because i wanted to go there (ugh red hot chili peppers, why)
  • ross
  • amos! levi! fox! nora! dorothy! all the babies in all the land that i love so much
  • family
  • all the best friends
  • mobility
  • health
  • laptop
  • starting to watch the sopranos with mom
  • mystery novels that you accidentally skim to get to all the juicy plot stuff
  • white wine
  • chile con queso
  • accidentally leaving my phone in houston for my journey to the east coast (not that hard actually — only things i missed: talking to ross; google maps; ny times daily update; the occasional text; taking photos — the rest is prob garbage)
  • potential of eating pancakes at le peep with kathryn and her children tomorrow morning. “le peep: just getting the breakfast job done”
  • not living in new york
  • drives to albany to visit chookbuttercup in dan’s car listening to dan’s iphone and rediscovering this kinks song i once put on a mix

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