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  • just started doing shaun t’s hip hop abs again and it is sort of weirdly making my day. like i’m exercising and smiling? yoga on pause while i revisit my fitness routine from 2008.
  • honestly kind of mad at yoga right now
  • don’t worry, i will come back to yoga, but first: CIZE (bought on DVD from ebay for a cool $5.95) (single-handedly keeping the used fitness DVD market alive since 2010) (TM)
  • been a bit of a tough week, dreams are not easy and remain not easy (TM). but trying to figure out a plan — applying for scholarships, might apply for loans, but also might apply for a position at el cosmico?
  • gonna delete my instagram account because been finding it gives me more malaise than joy. i’ll miss the baby pix and stories and honestly a little bit scared to delete the account (how will anyone find me when they want to give me praise and awesome jobs?) but what’s the point, REALLY
  • again, saipua is speaking my exact language. i’m sorry this is long but it captures just about everything that i’m feeling:

Look, I’m a child of the 80’s — I grew up in a shopping mall — the Jefferson Valley Mall in Yorktown Heights, NY.  I love to shop. Like really love it. I love clothes. I love jewelry, perfume, dishes, groceries, etc. And I’ve devised clever ways to rationalize my own consumption over the years — only buying handmade things or things that are natural fibers or things that are consumable, etc, etc.

But with all the damning news about climate change I really feel that all of us with means (which is to say people with enough privilege to consider their consumption and influence others through our businesses) must to make an effort to consider the ways which we consume and encourage and support each other in consuming less. A simple practice; one that I’ve adopted recently is to only buy used clothing and housewares and the occasional aspirational item…in the spirit of the honesty that you have come to expect here, I’ll tell you that I spent my last dollars two weeks ago on a pair of manolos for Bryony’s wedding. Wearing these pumps at Thanksgiving gave me a lot of pleasure. Granted I had to switch out of them periodically into snow boots throughout the evening  in order to prepare our meal on the fire outside. Part of my ethos around farming is this; the hardest tasks are simple when you allow for some bit of ridiculous pleasure. Arguably, I could afford to renovate the farmhouse and put in a proper kitchen with an inside stove if I didn’t buy fancy pumps, but what fun would that be?

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