“Little Richard, King of the Blues … and the Queen, too!”

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little richard killing it

more about little richard here, gif via ann friedman.

the round up

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  • i won a raffle!!!!!!! from east fork pottery. could NOT not not not believe it. the email announcing it felt like seeing a quadruple rainbow. or like a rainbow ending right at your house, in your house. have i ever won anything before? a: NO.
  • thinking a lot about this feeling — it’s scary to finally get to the / a place you’ve longed for. raises all kinds of failure and fear feelings (for me).
  • Past Prime is a dead fucking serious diversion for Matty Wishnow & Steve Collins.”
  • isn’t the name of poet jean valentine so great?
  • and isn’t this poem of hers so great and sad
  • this poem is also great or mostly i just love the line “like a postcard from someone / who calls himself your uncle”
from "poem" by heather christle (2018)
heather christle, from “poem” (2018), via pome

never forget

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ken leung was legit awesome on LOST

ken leung on lost

(can’t remember where i found this photo)

devotion and discipline

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from phillip picardi’s “the empathy crisis of white america” (discovered via haley nahman’s newsletter)

Overt and violent racist events like the death of Ahmaud Arbery’s make it easy for white people to point the finger at the perpetrators and thus, exonerate ourselves. Instead, each time something like this happens, we’d be better to point our fingers in our own directions. To take a look at ourselves and ask: How do I participate in racism, knowingly or unknowingly, in my life?

watched BlacKkKlansman last night (john david washington is denzel’s son?!?!?!?!) and it felt all too current, like — nothing has changed, not really.


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Illustrations from a 1933 French edition of Homer’s “Odyssey” from our library collections. The artist, François-Louis Schmied, first painted the compositions before they were reproduced into woodcuts and colored.

from the huntington library blog (R.I.P.):

Illustrations from a 1933 French edition of Homer’s “Odyssey” from our library collections. The artist, François-Louis Schmied, first painted the compositions before they were reproduced into woodcuts and colored.

all the things i made during my layoff

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  • BA’s best chocolate chip cookies, but i don’t think i browned the butter right, so they were kind of not anything to repeat
  • bucatini with butter-roasted tomato sauce — first: i don’t like bucatini too much, and second: marcella hazan’s tomato sauce totally tops this by a million
  • vegan thai curry — very underwhelming, though we cut some corners with the curry paste AND i diced the sweet potato too tiny. so it turned out a bit of a flavorless mush. but who can i blame? THE RECIPE
  • kentucky butter cake — not bad, i may have overcooked, but it didn’t WOW me, so: deleted

i was supposed to make a lot of other things (namely, this soup called “roberto”), but i didn’t and now it’s back to eating ice cream for dinner (i hope).


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from lisa hanawalt’s post on pizza island:

We’ve set up this blog as a virtual space to f*ck around in and we’re honored to have you visit, do please come back soon! We’re bringing blogs back, baby!!! DOWN WITH NEWSLETTERS!! UP WITH BLOGS!! STILL DOn’t fully understand WhAT RSS FEEDS are!

even tho i’m trying to start a newsletter for the library, i’m still 1000% up with blogs — and this blog is so great and sad and joyful, it’s a gang of comic artists reuniting. speaking not of newsletters, i thought this one was refreshing in its orneriness:

If the way we act in a crisis reveals who we really are, I worry daily that Covid has revealed that actually I am not a great person. In the past eight weeks, I have come close to hitting Hugh multiple times; I’ve said “Jesus fucking Christ Eileen” to my newborn; I’ve both marveled at Alice’s near-relentless cheerfulness and wanted to, spitefully, say something that would quash it, just get her to stop talking for one fucking minute. I feel surges of rage every hour, at anyone who appears to be enjoying isolation more than we are, or doing it better than we are (all through the lens of social media, of course). I read everything I can find about Sweden (not a change from before, really). When Boston mayor Marty Walsh chided “millennials” for not wanting to wear masks because they don’t look “cool,” I was angry for a full day (I am now angry about it again): It’s the “millennials” who are wearing the masks and trying to make their own young children keep them on. I am not worried about trying to make my aging, postpartum body look cool, although I cannot wait to get to the point when I can do that again, if that point ever arrives.

today was my first day of work and it was great????? i’m confused and scared that i’m not doing it right (by “it” i mean — mapping out all the work i have to do and also, the actual work). or maybe i’ve just gotten chill? hahaha, just kidding! only downside is that it was FREEZING, so i need to bring 10 layers, and maybe some headphones, and also later in the day, my face skin got really pink, not in a cute way, like an allergic reaction. is my face skin allergic to work? possibly. got some benadryl, just in case. so i have pink inflamed skin and my hair is a scraggly witch hair and i definitely gained some corona lbs but — i saw a rainbow this morning, i rode my bike to work (awkwardly), and i’m working for a library, against every single GD odd. maybe we’ll get through this thing.


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mary weatherford

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mary weatherford, madame butterfly, 1989, courtesy of gagosian

(via gagosian, inspired by kimberly drew’s something i saw)


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programming librarian!

thrilled, terrified, thrilled.

start monday at 8:30am.